Who we are

We are the very passionate trustees, the enthusiastic volunteers, the confidential employees working together with generous funders and loyal chaplains.

Meet our trustees

What we do

Ezra Umarpeh’s mission is to ease the effects of illness and disability by providing a range of targeted support services for patients and their families with a particular emphasis on enhancing the hospital experience and reducing in-patient stays. We know just how challenging illness is and we want to make a difference.


Why we do it

Ezra Umarpeh was established in North London in 1996 in response to local need. Since then we have been faithful to our mission statement offering hospital respite rooms, the free loan of medical equipment and accessible transportation services.

Ezra Umarpeh is committed to Respect, Efficiency, Responsibility, Sensitivity and Confidentiality. It is these values that underpin our work.


How we manage

We know that times are difficult but we know that illness is more challenging. That is why we’ve made medical support our priority and continue to work hard to raise the necessary funds. Ezra Umarpeh receives no statuary funding and rely’s solely on your support.