"Suffering a stroke at 18 affected me not only physically but emotionally too. I felt I couldn't trust my body and was scared to go anywhere alone until I discovered Ezra Umarpeh accessible transportation services. Their volunteer took me places and encouraged me to see friends, attend my physio appointments and assume a weekly routine. It was certainly the start of my recovery Process. Thank you!"

Danny G, Enfield, London

I was a busy mum of 4, leading a regular “house-wife” and “full time mum” lifestyle. That was until I slipped on dry leaves outside my house and sustained major leg injuries. I has surgery and was ordered to keep my leg up for 6 weeks. Getting around the house was difficult but a knee walker from Ezra Umarpeh saved the day. I was able to move about the kitchen, prepare meals and do the washing up whilst keeping my leg raised and in recovery mode. Their bathing and toileting aids made all the difference and let me keep my dignity and independence whilst caring for my needs. I am back on my feet as normal now, but cannot over emphasize the difference Ezra Umarpeh played in my recovery process.

Rachel C, North London

When my father was first diagnosed with Alzheimers, we were devastated. Her health deteriorated rapidly and after dealing with her emotional needs for nearly two years, and when she suffered a mini-stroke, we were thrown into the world of her personal care. However, Ezra Umarpeh was a rock of support during these challenging years. They provided us with all the medical equipment she needed, including a wheelchair, commode, walking frame, pressure relieving mattress and bathing aids. I remember when emergencies struck and we needed oxygen flow urgently – we contacted Ezra Umarpeh and a volunteer would deliver a portable oxygen concentrator within 15 minutes! This prevented hospital stays many a time. My mother passed away 2 years ago, at the age of 93. We are extremely grateful to Ezra Umarpeh for allowing her to be cared for in the comfort of her home, especially towards the end of her life, when her needs were high. Thank you

Chaim R, London

"Sam was born at the Royal Free hospital very prematurely and with congenital heart disease. We were very overwhelmed! But there was no time to stop and think and we found ourselves rushing between meetings, referrals and the CICU. There was no day or night and I could really feel that very thick cloud of stress and worry. There were hours when I thought I’d collapse of exhaustion and I felt torn between my desperate desire for a 2 hour nap and being right near Sam’s bedside. I had not known of Ezra Umarpeh before, but believe me, I’m in awe of their work. Their room on the Lower Ground Floor meant I could sit down with a hot cocoa and biscuits and get my mind off things. And more than anything was the accommodation so close to the hospital. There were nights when I could not think of driving home and being worried sick that I’m so far from Sam. But that 5* apartment gave me the peace of mind and a good night’s sleep. It was a real comfort to know that some people out there were with me during this challenging period."

Family K. NW4 London