“I cannot over-emphasize the value of the service that Ezra Umarpeh provides.”

Rabbi Yisroel Fine, Jewish Rabbi and Chaplain, Barnet Hospital.

Our special arrangements and account facilities with local car services offer a practical solution to emergency shabbos travel.
Our extensive range of medical equipment, available on free loan, brings patients home from hospital.  This helps them recover more independently in the comfort and ease of a familiar setting.   From preventative to palliative home care, our medical and mobility equipment reduces in-patient hospital stays and promotes an active lifestyle.
Our accessible transportation service allows users to travel in comfort and ease at all times. Whether for a social gathering, community function, wedding or hospital appointment, you can count on us for attendance.
Our respite rooms in 16 hospitals across England are stocked with fresh food, Judaica and literature allow Jewish patients and family to take a break from their stress and trauma and gather the strength to move on.   All our rooms contain Shabbos Urns and most provide hot Shabbos food, allowing patients and their carers to maintain religious observance whilst in hospital.
Working closely within the Jewish Community, Ezra Umarpeh focuses on the cultural needs of patients and their families. We offer Halachically (Jewish Law) compatible services such as hospital Shabbos Rooms, Shabbos transportation and measured sachets of water for those who have difficulties fasting on Yom Kippur.
Our occupational therapist (OT) would be delighted to help you discover which of our medical equipment would be the best suited to your individual needs. All queries will be dealt with professionally and confidentially. We loan medical equipment for two months, meaning you can “try before you buy” if you need to use the equipment for the long term.
Assistive Technology (AT) devices increase people’s safety and independence and allow them to perform tasks they would otherwise be unable to do because of limited movement or communication. We offer: Initial assessments and site visits, funding towards purchasing AT devices, home installation and Technical Support.